A fun day at Treasure Island for Ada and Ethan's 2nd Birthday

The weather was beautiful. We won't talk about the trip down to Aunt Chrissys and Uncle Joe's house to celebrate Ada and Ethan's Birthday. However, we had a great time at Treasure Island. The menu was bar-b-que and eating the "Taylor's TOP SECRET potato salad" and some other delicious stuff. Yummy cake and cup cakes and lots of play in the sand for the kiddos. After the party we took a stroll to the beach. The water was to cold to swim in just yet. Hayden was the only one adventureous enough to get wet with a nice "fall" into the water. He had to strip down to the diaper. The ride home consisted of all children down to shirts and undies to keep the car from getting so sandy and to make the ride home as comfy as possible. The 3 hour trip home wasn't to bad with gatorade, white cheddar popcorn and High School Musical 3.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My New Project

Tim is shaking his head saying,"Oh boy is this your NEW project". Of Course, what else do I have to do all day. I have Lindsay to thank for getting me started in the blogging world. Thanks Lindsay.